Daily Classes Offered Virtually through Zoom!
Classes we provide online:
Hatha Yoga – The most widely practiced form of yoga and is often referred to as basic yoga. It’s a simple, slow paced style of yoga and because of this, it’s ideal for beginners.
Vinyasa Yoga – A style of yoga that focuses on flow. It emphasizes the sun salutation and aims to synchronize your body movements with your breathing. Vinyasa movements are very smooth and each pose connects to the next with an inhale or an exhale
Ashtanga –  This is a set sequences so you know what to always expect during class. Great for learning postures and practicing them consistently.  We will offer the Guided Primary and Secondary Series during Ashtanga classes to receive the benefits of both sequences
Yin Yoga – This is a practice of long held poses or stretches (Typically 3-5 minutes) goes deeper into the muscle to target deep connective tissues, or fascia in the body that gets contracted due to excess stress or tension. It encourages relaxation , but can be physically difficult . All poses are on the ground
Sun Salutation / Meditation/ Pranayama: Learn the Classic Sun salutation Flows to get your blood flowing. Then it will end with a Pranayama “Breathing Exercise” and quick guided meditation to give you a great mindset to start your day. This class is only 30 minutes
Guided Meditation : Incorporates breath work and a guided meditation (Visual, body scanning, etc) Held in the evenings, whether on your mat or in your bed to wind down you mind for better rest. This is a 30 minutes class

Outdoor Yoga

We are so excited to have a nice open space for us to hold classes while we are still closed. The schedule will be posted by Sunday evenings so we can get to know what the weather looks like for the week. If you want more information on what to expect for the outdoor sessions click here

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Virtual Classes
One you book the classes on wellness living it will automatically send you the zoom link and send a second email 1 hour prior to class beginning