About Us


Yogi Life is a family owned business. Founders Chynna and Geri Andrada . A mother and a daughter both share the same interests and visions. As nurses, they have a strong belief in disease prevention, symptom alleviation, and emotional health that must be shared into their community through yoga.

Our mission is to create a loving community in yoga for “every body” regardless of our differences or limitations. We want to teach the yogic life style on how it can be adapted and merged into any lifestyle with ease.

At Yogi Life, we are committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga in a safe and nurturing atmosphere in order to bring greater health, happiness and well-being into the lives of those in our community. We strive to impart this knowledge in the spirit of healing, love, transformation, and service. We share a vision of higher states of consciousness and embrace the path of self-realization.


Why Yogi Life?
Yogi Life is all about interlacing lessons we learn on our mat to our everyday living. As we learn to be patient, forgiving of our bodies, or strive to focus during asana practice, we can definitely use these lessons when we are faced with adversity in our lives. Yoga stills the thought waves of the mind and helps you achieve liberation from many kinds of suffering. A “yogi” is one that practices yoga. This we create into our lifestyle.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practical philosophy involving every aspect of a person’s being. It encourages the evolution of the individual through the development of self-discipline and self-awareness.

What is commonly referred to as yoga in the West refers to the discipline of physical yoga. Through a series of physical poses, called asanas, yoga teaches us how to quiet the mind by placing attention on the breath and on the movement (and stillness) of the body. A refined system of physical development, the practice of yoga focuses not only on flexibility but also on strength, balance and endurance.

Our Services

Yogi Life is a wonderful place to begin your yoga journey. We have developed a 12 week program as a  beginner yoga challenge to ease your way into starting a consistent practice

Program start date: TO BE ANNOUNCED

We offer On demand recordings with over 50 classes to choose from : Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga

We offer weekly Yoga, Guided Meditation, And Breath work classes live on zoom .

We offer a 6 week Private Yoga program developed for an individuals need